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What do you love spending money on?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I learned the concept of Money Dial from Ramit Sethi (@ramit), my favorite author and podcaster on the topic of money, psychology, and relationships.

Money Dials are the things we love spending money on. If you look at someone's bank statement, you can instantly tell what they prioritize.

I recently audited my finances. It'll be no surprise to the #fire community, that my number 1 Money Dial is Time Freedom. Every choice and sacrifice I make is to inch closer to that goal. My guess for a distant number 2 and number 3️ was Health & Fitness and Self-Improvement, since I naturally love working out, learning, and optimizing my life.

However, what surprised me was how little I actually spent on those categories. Costco is my BFF and I switched my Equinox membership to Planet Fitness ($10/month) when I moved. Sure, there's no eucalyptus towels or the steam room, but I love popping in for a quick 10-min stair-master session mid-morning. You can also literally learn anything on the internet. Twitter and YouTube (both Free) have taught me more than my 2 ivy league degrees combined 🎓

My number 2 was actually Experiences. I made a new group of badass boss babes 👯🏼‍♂️ when I moved. Somedays, we have low key Costco dinners at each other's homes; other times, we dress up, try new restaurants, go to wineries, or stay at incredible airbnbs.

I love the novelty so much that my monthly and quarterly goal includes a new restaurant in the mountain and a new airbnb staycation.

Lastly, while Beauty is not on Ramit's list, Beauty is my number 3 Money Dial. I suspect some of my female friends would nod in agreement. I love buying dresses, workout sets, wedges. I get fresh cut and color quarterly, and monthly pedicure and waxes. I'm not talking about designers brands and luxury salons. I'm talking about Amazon athleisure and a salon that's above a supermarket. I want to look and feel my best on a budget with a 20% tip, of course. Beauty deserves a category of its own!

What is your number 1 Money Dial? Also, what surprised you the most when you audited your spending?

Hello, I'm Annie and I'm a 30-something consultant and active investor. Follow my journey as I achieve financial freedom one investment at a time, and build / acquire a business.

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