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I’m cheap AF when it comes to spending on myself.

Despite being a high earner, I’m cheap AF when it comes to spending on myself.

During a recent weekend getaway, I chose a $2 ferry over a $200 plane ride, even though the latter would have saved me 2+ hours. At restaurants, I never order what I want. Instead, I meticulously analyze the menu and pick the option that seems to offer the best value. I'm the kind of person who asks for a to-go box for leftover white rice.

I find it challenging to overcome the Asian immigrant mentality.

A goal of mine is to have a fit and strong physique, not just skinny. Despite consistently hitting the gym 5x a week for years, I've fallen short of my goals.

In July, I decided to invest in a personal trainer, costing ~ $800 per month, nearly equivalent to my share of housing expenses. It’s uncomfortable for me to spend so much on a trainer. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45am as I walk to the gym, I calculate how many minutes I need to spend at work this month or how many options I need to sell to pay for the sessions.

After each session, I remind myself how valuable it is to have someone push me to my limits and teach me proper lifting techniques.

The difference between investing in this trainer versus another one at half the cost is night and day. Health is one thing I’m doing my best to stop being cheap.

What is one thing you are cheap with yourself that you want to change?

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