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Image by Christin Hume

Welcome to my
Money Diary.

I'm a 30-something consultant and active investor. Follow my journey as I achieve financial freedom one investment at a time, and build / acquire a business (real estate, boring business, online business, consulting, etc.).

Growing up in an Asian immigrant household where money was a constant source of stress and in an environment where my friends came from generational family wealth and businesses, I developed many unhealthy beliefs about money, including a scarcity mindset and tying my self-worth to my net worth.


I worked multiple jobs in high school and college, earned 2 ivy league degrees 👩🏻‍🎓, and grind my way up to success building multiple streams of income through saving, investing, a lot of discipline, luck and good timing.


Through my journey and a lot of therapy, I learned to unlearn my parents' money lessons and break self-imposed limiting beliefs.I deeply believe in the power of community, so I'm excited to engage, learn, and grow with each other as nobody wins alone 💕


Lastly, I also want to teach millennials, especially young women 👯, how to achieve financial success on their own and 10X their life through compounding habits - the things I wish I had known in my early 20s.


Thanks for reading!



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